about michelle khonsari

My passion is reading and writing — Creative writing is my harmony

About Me

It is my vision for this website to offer a place to share stories. To give and receive critiques, and share writing advice. Help find inspiration, recommend reads, and to have the encouraging support of a writing community.

I have always been passionate about writing, which of course stemmed from my love of reading. I think books have always been one of my favorite things. The desire to create my own came very early for me, and I took every opportunity. I wrote short stories for the school magazine and participated in writing contests. I took creative writing through high school, and I’ve recently completed some writing classes through Gotham Writers.

Being among other writers and having that support was encouraging and inspiring, and my writing was better for it! I found myself looking for a writing community to belong to, but I couldn’t find a community that offered everything I was looking for. So why not make one?