homeric similie

Homeric Simile

The air vibrated with the sound of the man’s angelic voice, like thunder cracking through the skies. While the ground quaked with the beat of the drum, like an earthquake rumbling throughout the land. Throughout the night, our hearts resonated as one, like a wolf pack baying at the moon. The lights shone briefly through the clouded haze, as the fog rolling through a shore-ridden town. They sang the emotions that lived within their hearts like buds trilling on a crisp summer morning. This love I hold for these four great angels is as strong as a mated eagle pair.

Their songs spoke the emotions I can never truly express, like an explanation of what love is. My soul soared when they hit their last chord like a great horse leaping through the air. The audience screamed with love, resembling s mother bear. Then the night ended in a star-lit daze, like soulmates flirting with each other for the first time.