Writer’s Block – How To Break It

As writers, we have all experienced it at one time or another. You have the urge to write. Maybe you have an idea to start with, but then you get stuck. Or if you’re like me, you just really want to write something but are at a loss of what to write. So how do you deal with writer’s block?

writers block

Ideas To Break The Block

Everyone has their own way of pulling through a case of writer’s block. Some go for a jog. Others listen to music. You also have reading books or watching a movie. There’s a million different things people do to get their creative juices flowing; but, if you’ve struggled with finding a path through writer’s block, then I have some tips that I hope will be helpful.

Start writing random words. Have plenty of time to set aside for this. You will need some patience and you will need to do this in a relaxed state. Turn off and put away distractions… unless your distractions are living, and then maybe find a baby-sitter/pet-sitter or make sure their time is occupied. Don’t think too much into what you’re writing. Just start writing words or thoughts that are in your head. Write down feelings. It doesn’t need to make any sense. Eventually words will come together or some of the words will spark an idea.

My Personal Tactic

Personally, my tactic is to write down character names. I write out their backstory and sometimes a description of their physical appearance and personality. I do this quite often, and I’ve never actually used these characters in any of my stories, but I’ve definitely gotten ideas while doing this.

Another tactic of mine is visuals. I look at random pictures online, and sometimes those will spark an idea. It’s okay to start with something and let it transform into something else. The book I am working on now started completely different. I let myself be open to changing it and letting it take shape, and I must say I’m excited with what I have thus far.

Finally, surround yourself with other writers. Be open to their constructive criticisms. While you don’t have to try to meet every suggestion, you should consider every suggestion. It’s like putting on shoes and walking around to see how they feel. You might put some on and be surprised that you really like them, and others you might put on and go oh I don’t like this at all. Sometimes a suggestion can be what shifts your story to get it around a brick wall.

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Happy Writing!


Michelle Khonsari

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